What To Wear? And How To Wear!

Two questions continuously coming onto the minds of the user whenever they go shopping or while trying different outfits. These two questions are what to wear and how to wear?

While choosing Clothing Fabric online there are a lot of questions that come into the mind of a person like which color will suits me? What should I pair it up with my pants? Will this crop top is ok to wear? So there are so many questions that continuously coming into the mind of a shopper while shopping. So you can take some help from this blog like how to wear? what to wear and color combinations everything.

So check it out here!

1) What to choose? – So here you can take some of the examples like how you can choose the clothes.

  • First thing you have to clear out your mind like what types of clothes you want like for casual types. traditional types, ethnic types, corporate types, evening types.
  • Then the next thing you should know about the budgets and everything.
  • Then you should select the categories like if you are going for casual wear then you should be sure that what types of casual online Indian ethnic wear for Womens you want like jeans and top, cotton pants and t-shirt or a skirt or a polo T-shirt or anything.
  • If you are going for traditional wear make sure and set up your mind like what you want because in the traditional wear there are so many things that will make you confuse at the same point. So Be wise and choose nicely about the thing that you want to select.
  • Next thing about the colors, the color should be in balanced, if you are shopping for a separate then make sure to go for a light color for the bottom wear and dark color for the upper wear and vice-versa.

2) How to choose? – These questions are asked by most of the shoppers like how to choose and what to choose? So first you should know the occasion like on which occasion are you going? Like for an evening party or night parties or casual lunch? So according to that go for the selection of the outfits? A small example will clear your doubts. If you are going for a casual party and if you will wear traditional lehenga with a dupatta so this is not going to work. This will be a disaster. So for casual wear, you have to choose for casual wear that is simple and comfortable at the same time.

If you are going for marriage then carrying a beautiful traditional outfit like a heavy kurta with a skirt it is just perfect for the occasion.

3) How to wear? – This point is just on the point-like how to wear? Many are just confused about how to carry the outfits perfectly.

  • For casual wear, if you are wearing a dark shade of a skirt then make sure to go for a light shade of upper wear. It will give your outfit a proper look and a balanced look.
  • For evening wear, go for a heavy yet classy outfit like lehenga-choli, or heavy embroidered kurta with palazzos and add a heavy dupatta over it.
  • For corporate wear, go for any simple yet elegant look. For example, a simple kurta with secret pants or total formal wear will be going to work on this.
  • For casual lunchtime, you can go for any light outfit that is easy and comfortable to wear.

So these are the 3 tips of what to wear and how to wear can help you in choosing the best outfits for any occasion.

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